Service Notices

Video Price Adjustment: Retransmission Fee Pass-Thru
Please be advised that the retransmission fee pass-thru was adjusted effective January 15, 2021. The 2021 effective rate is $24.75/month for television subscribers only. The retransmission fee pass-thru is a fee charged by the over-the-air broadcast stations (ABC, NBC, CBS and their digital networks) for the privilege of retransmitting their signals on the NUconnect Broadband TV system. This fee is collected by NUconnect and paid directly to the station owners. NUconnect strives to keep our rates competitive. However, the exorbitant demands of the local broadcast station owners have forced NUconnect to pass along these fee increases to our customers. This rate adjustment only affects video customers. NUconnect Internet and Voice prices remain the same.